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The phone system is one of your most powerful business tools, especially for organisations that use it to drive business.  It is therefore critical you respond and handle calls quickly, efficiently and cost effectively. To monitor performance and accurately measure and manage costs you need instant access to call and activity information. NT&T have designed Insightxps to allow small and medium sized organisations access to sophisticated reporting through a standard web-browser which runs on any Microsoft WindowsTM operating system, previously only available to large corporations. Now any company can improve their response to customers who call them and reduce the cost of using the phone.

Insightxps has been developed to provide you with management information to easily identify how effective your organisation uses the telephone. More importantly Insightxps will allow you to make informed management decisions to improve the effectiveness of the phone as a critical business tool and control the cost.

Identify high cost calls instantly

Who has just made that call costing $12.75? The real time call list allows for immediate notification of  high cost or long duration calls as well as a range of other selectable fields.

Discover high cost departments

Reports, pie and bar charts allow you to easily identify which groups of extensions are costing the most or spend the most time on the phone. Clearly sales oriented areas should be using the phone cost effectively as should people collecting debts. Maybe administration should be a low usage area.

Identify your most effective employees

The extension target report allows you to quickly see who is most effective when answering calls. This report details the calls offered to individual extensions a group of extensions such as the sales force. Average ring times are shown as well as the percentage of calls answered and unanswered.

View Incoming Call Response time

Insightxps allows you to set up as many real time views and layouts as you require to monitor how efficiently calls are being answered. Any area of the organisation can be monitored and typically the sales department is on the list. Departments and individuals can be easily reported on.

* All features subject to information supplied by the telephone system Insight is being used with. check with sales for supported features.

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