NT&T offers comprehensive, intelligent communication solutions for your school, school district, or college campus that enable your educational institution to excel and serve your students, teachers, parents, staff as well as the needs of the community. NT&T understands the needs of the Education market from the needs of the single elementary school to the unified school district and large college or university campus.

NT&T has been enabling teaching and learning, streamlining administration and providing safety and security communications applications for some of the largest school districts in the extended metro Atlanta market as well as some of the most prestigious universities here in Georgia.


NT&T IP telephony solutions for K-12 Education enable schools and school districts to deliver a richer experience for the student both inside and outside the classroom.

IP solutions from NT&T help deliver results by bringing together a wide range of communications capabilities from basic telephony, e-mail and voice messaging to customized mobility solutions, self-service options and safety and security functionality that no school will want to be without.

Improving the student and parent experience is what NT&T IP solutions are all about from making communication easier between parents and teachers and collaboration among teachers and students. When communication is part of the processes in your schools administration, everyone benefits, especially those that matter the most…the students!

Higher Education

NT&T delivers intelligent communication solutions that enable higher educational institutions to deliver a richer learning experience while enabling them to efficiently deliver a top quality education. Student interactivity is the focus for today’s successful institutions of higher learning with NT&T Education Solutions. NT&T solutions add the intelligence to your network to provide the affinity that all institutions desire for their students and alumni. When the focus is on the students and the needs of the students, the institution will win, the student will win and eventually the alumnus will win. From intelligent technologies that interact with your students and alumni to collaborative solutions to confer with colleagues and other communities of interest, NT&T has the right solution to enable your higher educational institution to excel.

Featured Customer: Biddeford school district