Leading financial services firms are leveraging intelligent communications to deliver a consistent and satisfying service experience. Unifying branch, contact center, and self-service channels streamlines data and workflow, so both consumer and corporate customers have immediate access to the right information or the right expert, at the right time. Effective use of communications can lead to increased customer loyalty and business growth.

NT&T solutions extend rich functions and features—like group-based routing, customer insight, collaboration, extension to mobile devices, and analytics—throughout the enterprise. NT&T solutions help mobile financial professionals, contact center agents, branch bank managers, risk and compliance officers, and others.


Customer service and satisfaction are primary focus areas for banks today. Determining how to optimize channel integration to support customers can be complex and daunting. NT&T’s ability to address this complexity has secured banking as one of the largest industries we serve globally.

NT&T is a leader in the area of customer segmentation, mobility, and secure communications solutions. Successfully bridging the value of these communications solutions with banking business imperatives can ultimately differentiate banks in the pursuit to retain, cross sell, up sell and solicit new customers.

Featured customer: Mass Mutual Financial