At NT&T we understand the need to be able to leverage the latest technology without capital outlay. We have a number of financial programs to enable you to use the technology today and pay for it with the depreciated dollars of tomorrow. Whether you are looking for a long term contract to cover a long term deployment or a short term contract for a temporary installation, NT&T can help.

Lease options

NT&T has partnered with GreatAmerica Financial Services, one of the nation’s leading financial institutions who specialize in providing finance to technology based vendors. Typically we offer 3 and 5 year “Fair Market Value or FMV” contracts but we can provide a variety of profiles depending on your specific needs.

Rental options

If you are looking for short-term solutions and/or used equipment then NT&T may be able to offer you a rental program with no minimum term commitment and up-front payments.

Once you have decided that new technology we help your business why wait for the capital to be available; lease or rental can be “off balance sheet” further improving the financial strength of the business, preserving cash and providing an additional line of credit over and above traditional methods of financing like banks and credit unions.

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