Business Phone Solutions for Healthcare

Sample Problem

For clinics, community health centers and other small healthcare providers, communication is a critical part of keeping patients — and practices — healthy. Facilities that offer emergency services need to instantly prioritize and route crisis calls so that they’re dealt with immediately. More routine callers must be able to reach a provider or access information quickly and easily, without long hold times or complex voicemail directories.

Traditional telephone systems cannot deliver the personalized service that ensures a higher level of care and increases patient trust and loyalty. Because the telephone itself is blind to patient data, such as medical history, primary care physician and insurance coverage, answering the phone has become an increasingly vital and challenging activity. Answering the phone can require staff to handle the caller, who may be in distress, and a PC to access patient data and the appointment calendar, leading to operator fatigue and decreasing productivity. How can healthcare provider organizations resolve this problem in the context of steadily increasing administrative and operations costs?

The IP PBX Phone System Solution

NT&T offers proven Healthcare Communications Solutions that integrate existing phone systems and data networks using VoIP technology, thus increasing productivity, patient satisfaction and administrative efficiency. NT&T can turn your existing phone systems into advanced communications tool that integrate your computers and telephones to provide increased call handling efficiency that maximizes the value of your investment in existing phones and network equipment.

NT&T’s Healthcare Provider Solutions Feature:

Advanced telephony solutions providing sophisticated routing capabilities that allow certain types of calls to be answered by a live attendant, even during peak periods, while other calls are automatically routed to an appropriate provider or voicemail box. This ensures that emergency calls are always handled promptly, and your patients spend less time on hold and more time receiving medical care.

The ability to forward calls to the first available attendant at any location using VoIP technology, which allows growing medical practices to handle increased call volumes without hiring additional staff.

Advanced messaging features that automatically page providers when certain calls are received, deliver customized voicemail messages to specific patients, or rotate messages depending on the time of day. This creates better continuity of care and a stronger patient/provider relationship.

A PBX software-based IP infrastructure that can be easily and inexpensively expanded to grow with your practice, whether that means adding a half dozen new lines in an existing facility or opening a new office.

The capacity to integrate with existing office applications so that your practice can provide patient-centered functions such as automated appointment reminders.

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