Business Phone Solution for Law Firms

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The adage “time is money” rings especially true at law firms. Associates spend up to 75% of their time on the telephone with clients. For many law practices, the limitations of traditional phone systems are a major barrier to superior client service. Calls need to be answered promptly and clients connected with associates instantly, regardless of their location. Long hold times, busy signals and misrouted or dropped calls result in client dissatisfaction. The time spent logging phone time and managing phone-related issues increases your administrative costs and demoralizes your staff.

The IP PBX Phone System Solution


Imagine a sophisticated, easy-to-use phone system that helps drive revenue growth by keeping your team talking with (and billing) clients, not logging calls and struggling with complex phone features. NT&T provides a state-of-the-art phone system based on VoIP technology. Proven Legal Services solutions that turn your phone system into a sophisticated communications tool. This IP telephony system integrates with your existing time-billing software and delivers calling features that can dramatically improve productivity, maximize billing and increase client satisfaction.

NT&T’s proven Legal Service Solutions Provide:

The latest and best in IP technology that uses VoIP to provide clear and consistent voice and data communications.

A PC-based graphical interface that allows associates to visually and intuitively manage and prioritize calls, voicemail messages and call history.

Integration with your firm’s existing business applications such as LexisNexis®, Time Matters®, InterAction® and PCLaw ™, Thompson Elite®, Amicus® Attorney, and Software Technology Inc. Tabs3™ from Software Technology Inc.; as well as Microsoft Outlook® and Microsoft Dynamics™ CRM, dramatically increasing billing efficiency and productivity.

One-click time-tracking and account coding that bills telephone time automatically, so associates spend less time on paperwork and administration.

Point-and-click dialing that lets associates reach key clients instantly.

IP-based “Find me” call routing that means associates never miss a crucial call, whether they’re in an airport, a hotel, or, on the way to court.

Built-in conference capabilities that provide a cost-effective alternative to bridges and third-party teleconferencing services.

Sophisticated features that work from any phone, anywhere – not just the office – allowing your employees full mobility and unprecedented flexibility.

Automated or manual call recording and archiving.

A software-based infrastructure that grows with your firm, allowing you to save money by leveraging one phone system across multiple locations.

Advanced routing capabilities that send inbound calls to an available attendant at any location, thereby decreasing wait times, increasing client satisfaction and reducing the burden on administrative staff.

Featured Customer: Ainsworth