National Telephone & Technology (NT&T) understands that as an Executive in the construction industry your workforce is highly mobile which makes project management, customer service and productivity a challenge. If communicating with customers, employees, contractors and suppliers is difficult then delays and costly re-works can result. NT&T can provide you with a reliable communication solution that will allow you to connect your employees, customers and suppliers easily and consistently and monitor the process 24×7 which in turn will allow you to deliver on time and within budget!

NT&T’s solutions for the construction industry combine hardware, software, installation, training and support along with systems integration to help you:

Improve project management. Be available to answer calls from clients, architects, contractors and inspectors via a single telephone number that connects to you whether you are in the corporate office, in a trailer at a job site or on a cell phone. When you are unavailable a voice mail message can be taken and delivered using email if required.

Centralize all your communications. Using Unified Communications (UC) technology all your voice mail, email and even fax mail can be managed centrally.

Connectivity for all your employees. Using Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) technology everyone can be connected back to the corporate phone system. Cellular phones can work just like a regular extension on the phone system; calls can be put on hold, transferred back to a colleague or even conference with another party without having to get the caller to call back on another number. Trailers located at a job site for months at a time can be similarly connected. The broadband (DSL) connection to provide internet access can be harnessed to provide a voice extension off the corporate telephone system and allow desk to desk dialing internally with all the other phone users; central voice mail and even paging across the system.

Management or service levels and productivity. Using any one of the call management software solutions provided by NT&T you can monitor phone activity in real time and historically using the flexible reporting tools. You will be able to track all incoming and outgoing and even intercom calls by time of day and user. You can review the wait and hold time of inbound calls. The caller ID of incoming calls can be viewed to make sure any lost calls can be called back and lastly keep an eye on outgoing numbers dialed to eliminate personal phone call abuse.

Database integration. If identifying the person calling is of value to your business NT&T can integrate many common contact management packages to give “screen pops” on inbound calls and dialing from the screen for outbound calls to eliminate the time consuming manual dialing which is slow and prone to errors.

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