Technology Solutions for Non-Profit sector

When you run a not-for-profit organization, you need to offer easy-to-access information to the people who need your services, you need to increase the numbers of volunteers to your organization and you need to communicate effectively with your donors – and all of this must be done with scalable budget restraints.

NT&T specialized in providing all non-profit organizations with scalable IP solutions that grow as needed. Solutions solve a host of problems including:

Donor communications and management
Systems integration with donor management systems
Secure, reliable solutions providing effective communication to the outside world along with simultaneous security on premise with Presence Management solutions
System management simplicity including no cost remote management of all NT&T solutions

At NT&T we understand the unique needs of not-for-profit organizations looking to improve their community communications, donor management, security management, scalability and administrative management. We are sensitive to budget restraints and provide all registered 501c organizations with system discounts both at the manufacturer and reseller levels. This commitment to the non-profit community allows many organizations the opportunity to focus their skills on solving community problems vs. communication and technology problems.

NT&T currently has customized offerings to the following non-profit organization types:

Community Medical Services

Healthreach Organization
Morrison Center

Human Services

Good Shepherd Food Bank
Preble Street
Center for Grieving Children