com_xtr_call_manager_smlWhy Record Your Calls?

Historically, call recording has been a high end application for call centers and financial institutions. With modern lower cost technology being available an increasing number of companies are recognizing the benefits of recording calls regardless of business type and size.

Is it legal? – Click here to view our guidance notes

There are four reasons why an organization might want to record telephone calls:

  • Improve customer service and productivity
  • Record verbal transactions of value
  • Comply with industry regulations
  • Increase security & avoid abuse

Improving Customer Service and Productivity

Many companies provide inside sales, customer service and technical support via the telephone. It is vital to deliver accurate and consistent help and advice to your callers and ensure this is happening you need to monitor the calls. You can either do this live or you can record calls and review them off line which is far more efficient.

NT&T’s call recording solutions enable a supervisor to review the performance of a team member and to listen to specific calls with a view to grading or offering assistance and advice for further improvement..

Recording Verbal Transactions

In the event that there is any kind of dispute over a verbal telephone transaction it is important to be able to review the content of the conversation. Critical pieces of the conversation can be extracted and saved for review

Industry Regulations Compliance

This application is very specific to certain industries that are mandated by their governing bodies to record calls. It may be a legal obligation or part of a voluntary code of practice for respected industry affiliates.

Increase Security & Avoid Abuse

In these times of increased security, the telephone is often the communication medium threats are made; this is simply because the threatening party can remain virtually anonymous and distant from the person or organization they are trying to affect.

There is also an increasing trend of public workers (such as teachers, benefit workers etc.) being verbally abused by callers who feel they are being unfairly treated or simply don’t agree with the conclusions your organization may have reached concerning them. In addition, staff can be harassed by outside callers or even internally by other staff and it is becoming the employer’s obligation to protect employees from malicious calls.