Adaptive Messaging does for email and SMS messages what an Automatic Call Distributor (ACD) does for calls in a call center; it routes, queues and automatically presents messages to the next available user, with the correct skills to deal with it. 

Adaptive Messaging is ideal in call centers and any environment where multiple users are servicing communal email accounts, for example:   Adaptive Messaging supports an unlimited number of email addresses and up to eight GSM Modems.  If you plan to use Adaptive Messaging with SMS messages, we recommend that you purchase at least one GSM modem with this product.  Adaptive Messaging includes an extensive message rules system that cans automatically ―read and reply‖ to messages.  Replies can be context sensitive and can include information collected from SQL databases.  Adaptive Messaging includes a centralized database of all messages so you can track exactly what happened to a message and see all associated messages.  A comprehensive Management Console that provides real-time and historical reports is included.  Key features of Adaptive Messaging:  

  • Routes and queues emails and text messages
  • Rules based message handling
  • Creation of context sensitive automatic and draft replies
  • Context sensitive styles and signatures 
  • Auto-addition of attachments
  • Standard paragraphs so that users can create messages quickly  
  • Centralized database of messages 
  • Message tracking and retrieval
  • Comprehensive real-time and historical reporting
  • Ability to export data to external reporting tools
  • Ability to blend messages with phone calls (requires Adaptive CTI Professional)    

 Adaptive Web Assist 

Adaptive Web Assist provides Web Chat and Web Call Back facilities, so that visitors to a website can request assistance.  Chats and Call-Back requests are queued and routed to the next available person with the skills to deal with the enquiry.    Adaptive Web Assist includes a centralized database of all requests, with associated user actions and a comprehensive Management Console provides real-time and historical reporting. 

Key features of Adaptive Web Assist:  

  • Adds Web Call-Back and Chat to a website
  • Simultaneous support for multiple websites 
  • Standard HTML pages with no visitor download
  • Ability to customize the supplied pages to match your brand (available as a service from   NT&T)
  • Centralized database containing all requests and chats
  • Management reporting including user activity
  • Blending of calls, email, SMS, call-backs and chats (requires other Adaptive modules)