Adaptive Web Assist -Technical Overview


The Adaptive Web Assist product provides two features: Web Chat and Web Call Back. 

All of the Adaptive software can run on the same computer.  However, for bandwidth and security reasons, it is usual to split the software across three computers (acting as servers) as shown the diagram below.

Main Web Server

This computer is usually hosted by a specialist hosting company and has high bandwidth to cope with many simultaneous web requests.

The existing web site will be need to be edited so that a link or button is added that points to the Adaptive Web Assist pages that are hosted on the computer that is acting as the Adaptive Web Assist Server.

This computer can be running any operating system and web-hosting software as the only connection with the Adaptive Web Assist system is the use of this link or button.

The job of adding links and buttons to the main web site usually done by the website maintainer website and is not usually the job of the Adaptive Web Assist installer.

Adaptive Web Assist Server


This computer is usually hosted in the customer’s premises.  This computer has to be running Microsoft IIS and have either a static IP address or use a service such as so that a domain name can be used to navigate to this computer from the internet.

The Web Assist files are loaded onto this computer.  During installation, the installer will need to be logged into this computer as an Administrator.  As part of the installation process a COM object will also be installed and registered with the operating system.

The installer will also need to enable “Parent Paths” in IIS. This is done in: 

IIS Manager -> “Website” Properties -> Home Directory -> Configuration -> Options -> Check box “Enable Parent Paths”.

The maintainer of the network can choose to locate the Adaptive Web Assist server in a DMZ on a firewall or simply to redirect port 80 (or port 443 for SSL) traffic to the Web Assist Server.  NMS is not a web security specialist and cannot offer any advice or guidance as to the best way to configure firewall or other security systems.

Adaptive Server


This computer is located inside the customer’s premises and acts as the central server for all Adaptive users. This computer is typically located on the same LAN segment of all Adaptive users.  This computer requires a mapped drive out to the computer that is running Adaptive Web Assist.  This mapped drive can be encrypted in a PPT tunnel.  As stated before, NMS offers no advice regarding the security configuration and specialist advice should be sought.

The Adaptive installer will require the Administrators password for this computer.


Adaptive Desktop Users


All user of the Adaptive Web Assist system will have the Adaptive Desktop loaded onto each workstation.  As such the Adaptive installer will need the Administrator password for each computer.