The inView™ LAN Wallboard is a Windows™ based product which can show two different views and can be customized using standard window tools such as “click and drag”, toggle buttons and a tool bar.  Each time a view is opened, it defaults to the last display and configuration under the login name.

Toolbar Buttons


Status View

The user can view the status of any member of an agent or extension group using the status window.  The user selects agent or extension from one list box then picks the group to be viewed from the other box.  The status of each group member is coded using standard Insight colors:

The toolbar buttons allow the user to toggle between the wallboard and the status windows, and to change the properties of the status view.  Users may choose to display short names, rather than long names, and to change the font size, using the properties button.  A help file is available at any time for users to refer to.   Please note that there are no alarms on this window.


This Wallboard Shows Status of All Extensions:
Lt. Gray for Logged off, Dk. Gray for Unavailable, Blue for Busy, Green for Available, Yellow for Ring or Ring-on

Wallboard View

The user can select up to eight (8) of the large character windows available on the full MIS, either call center or personal agent statistics.  (The background coloring of the labels distinguishes the two).  All parameters have automatic labels which can be customized.  Labels can be displayed without their associated parameter value.

Toggling from the wallboard view to the status view is provided by two toolbar buttons.

To select different parameters the use must enter edit mode.  Font sizes may be changed by accessing the properties window.


This wallboard window shows four general call center parameters, (from a choice of over 300), Calls in Queue, Longest Wait Time, number of calls answered and abandoned.  There are two personal call center parameters, distinguished by the background color of the label.  This allows agents to see what they are doing compared with overall call center performance.

Customizing the Wallboard

Like the full MIS, the window view can be customized on each PC using the toggle button for the edit mode.  Please note that the status window cannot be edited.

Message Boxes

As with physical Wallboards, supervisors can send messages.  In fact anyone using inView™ can send/receive messages.  The advantages of the inView™ LAN Wallboard is that the message can be sent to every user and not just those within sight of the physical wallboard.


Message sent by another inView™ user, which pops-up on the recipients screen.

Other Product Features

Pop up Alarms

The wallboard can be minimized and will pop up when alarm threshold, set by the supervisor, is exceeded.


The supervisor controls agents with a logon system.  The number of active wallboards is limited by dongling and licensing.  inView™ is available to anyone on the LAN, e.g. Managing Director.  Multiple logins than on one PC are supported.

Always on top option

This allows the user to keep the wallboard on top of all other applications.

Configuration tools

Using standard windows procedures the wallboard and its border can be re-sized using click and drag.  The layout can be sharpened using the snap to grid option which aligns objects with a grid.  If the supervisor changes the configuration of the full MIS, the inView™ LAN Wallboard display may also be affected.

If it’s inView™ you’re in control