…to improve customer service
…to increase productivity
…to cut costs


Your Call Center will be more efficient with Insight™ – That’s a fact.

This sophisticated management information system, when integrated into your call center, reduces your costs by increasing productivity and monitoring throughput, so ensuring optimal staffing to meet your business needs.

Insight™ can provide you with user defined, real time information on all areas of your call centers from individual agents to entire groups.

It will store historical call data which you can view on screen, print out or export to other applications such as Excel™.

Combine it with inView™ our LAN Wallboard and Insight™ provides direct feedback and messages for all staff to see. It’s a powerful motivational tool.

Insight™ is Windows™ based. It’s easy to use. It can be customized to your specific requirements and it will grow with your business.

Insight™ is compatible with an ever increasing range of telephone switches so whatever your ACD, make sure the MIS is Insight™.

  • With tailored templates
    Design and save your own real time templates (screens), which comprise status, statistics, graphical windows and a choice of over 300 key performance parameters which can be displayed using the scalable large character windows.
  • With an alarm manager
    With color coding and audible alarms, your supervisor will be informed when alarm thresholds are exceeded. A window shows a summary of all alarms on the system.
  • With a choice of information
    On all resources of the call center including agents, extensions, lines, DID’s and groups of all these.
  • With clear color coding
    Insight™ uses a simple color scheme of five colors: Lt. Gray indicates an agent is logged off, Dk. Gray in unavailable mode, Blue means busy, Yellow is for ringing, Red indicates an alarm and Green means free.
  • With user definable reports
    Design and save individual historical reports and templates. Over 450 different items are available for presentation on the reports which cover events, traffic, utilization and contention.
  • With export of report data
    Export to most commercial spreadsheet and graphic packages such as Excel™. For a more detailed analysis Insight™ Reporter is capable of exporting its call data in .csv format to applications which can handle csv such as Excel™.
  • With retrospective analysis
    Compile reports even after upgrade using data collected from the original installation date of the Insight™. If a new report type is added to your system it can be used to analyze all previously collected MIS data.
  • With shift reporting
    Reports can generate statistics relating to any shift pattern and can be compiled over any period of time.
  • With a user configurable interface
    Your Supervisor has complete control over the information displayed in real time and historical reports. A password protected configuration interface ensures only authorized access to the resource groupings and alarm thresholds.
  • With a help file
    Insight’s™ comprehensive context – sensitive help file provides users with immediate on-line assistance on operation and programming.