To unlock and/or reset a password in Insight XPS

To reset a password for user “admin” follow these instructions on the server where Insight XPS is installed.

1) Close any open browser windows open.

2) Using regedit change string value Multi-User from 1 to 0. The full registry path is highlighted in the screenshot below and may differ slightly depending on the version of Insight.


3) From the start button or Icon on the Desktop open Insight XPS. From the left navigation panel, click on users

4) Next highlight the user admin in the Current Users panel.

5) Click the “Unlock” button. The admin entry in the Current Users tab should no longer say locked.


6) Close current browser.

7) Repeat step 2) but this time set the registry key MultiUser value to 1.

8) From the start button or Icon on the Desktop open Insight XPS. The user login and password box should now be presented. The system should now allow user admin to login. If password is still not accepted it is possible that wrong password is being used.

To change the password : 


9) Repeat steps 1) – 4)

10) If user is locked do step 5)

11) Enter a new password into the “Password field” and reenter same password into the “Confirm password” field, pick a password greater or equal to 4 characters like “admin” and click on the “Change Password” button.

12) Close browser.password-reset-screen-3

13) Repeat step 7) and 8).