insight-xps-screen-shotInsight XPS is an advanced call management system that provides complete visibility of telecom costs and usage.

Telephone call information can be collected from both single or multiple phone systems, in real time, which can be combined with imported bill information for cell and home telephones. Once collected, this information is processed to identify the cost, the location of the caller and provide an immediate, real time update of call summary information on the screen.

Insight XPS is fundamentally different to other call management solutions. It uses exception reporting and user configurable alarms. This allows reports to be generated when one of your usage policies has been broken, ending the need to waste time studying the output of manual reports when most of the time everything is running fine.

Insight XPS for your Inside Sales, Customer Service or Technical Support Department

Staff costs account for over 70% of the costs of running a business. Being in control of productivity is critical to maintaining profitability. Combine this with the importance of delivering exceptional customer service and in both of these areas Insight XPS will give you a competitive edge. Insight XPS can help you do this by monitoring incoming, outgoing, transferred and conference calls making sure that the right staff are in the right place at the right time doing the right thing. Insight XPS with its real time graphical display of call activity and comprehensive reporting package, can identify call patterns and trends, highlight unacceptable service response times, and the number of calls currently waiting in queue. More importantly it will enable you to measure this information against your predefined service level objectives, and much more.

Insight XPS for your Call Accounting

Telephone communication costs are more than just the cost of calls. Once the costs of PBX, cell and land line calls have been calculated you then need to add the support costs associated with the trunk, extension, and system and further to that the call handling costs in the form of attendant salaries. With all these elements to take into consideration, this is where Insight XPS can help. Many applications look at just the PBX call costs, but Insight XPS provides a consolidated view of all telecom related expenditure, with the added benefit of importing electronic bill information for mobile and home telephones enabling the right department or individual to be charged.